Composition 1/3125

Designers always work with restrictions and parameters.
Today we will work on at least two compositions based on the set of rules given by the table in the back.
It is a game to explore your fast formal reaction.
This is a formal exercise, have fun and push your boundaries.


03 October
Working on each composition for 2 hours. You should make at least two different compositions, but three or more is better.



Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth,
The Five Obstructions, 2003

The Perfect Human, 1967 by Jørgen Leth

Armand Mevis and Linda van Deursen, Recollected
work: Mevis & Van Deursen
(Amsterdam: Artimo & Mevis & Van Deursen, 2005)

Dogme manifesto

Truisms by Jenny Holzer


Download the brief here.

Truisms, Jenny Holzer