Susana and Kai focus on information organisation and reading experiences for traditional, current and future media – from typefaces to user experience. We’ve been running this joint since 2005. Hello!

Guest, Ghost, Host: Machine!

Identity, custom type and publication for Serpentine Galleries Marathon. September 2017. Designed with Vera van de Seyp.


Footwear as cultural production. An archive, an agenda, a store for shoe makers Marsèll and artist-run space Marsèlleria. 2017. In collaboration with Rectangle.

Works that Work

A magazine for unexpected creativity. Art direction and design for Typotheque/Works that Work. 2012 – 2017.


A library of protest. Series identity and design for Octavo Publicaties. Since 2014, ongoing. In collaboration with Rectangle.

Out of Data

Event identity, poster series, website for Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, Uni of Warwick. Since 2016, ongoing. In collaboration with Rectangle.


A typeface family with brutalist undertones. Published by Commercial Type in 2016/2017. Self initiated/Parts commissioned by Esquire US. With assistance from Ekaterina Kochkina and Barbara Bigosinska.

Veem House for Performance

How to Do Things With Words. Identity, website, marketing material for Veem House for Performance. Since 2015, ongoing. In collaboration with Rectangle.

Part of Something

A 2kg black slab of consequence. Artist publication for Gerbrand Burger. 2016.