New Order part 1

Make a Google image search of your chosen image. Download the first 50 image results or the first 50 different results.

Develop a visual sequence that you find interesting from your results using only 15 to 20 of the images. Make one more different sequence.

Explain your ideas for the narrative.


  • Think about linear and nonlinear sequences;
  • What happens to certain images when they are placed next to each other;
  • Story telling;
  • Abstraction;
  • Repetition;
  • Movement;
  • Tension;
  • Colour (if you are working with a colour image).

Present your sequences in a portrait (vertical) A5 format (which means the spread is A4). You can have one image per page or spread or a combination of the two. The images must keep their proportions.


Two weeks divided as follow

13 September: Working on the sequence after choosing and downloading your images. Use the resources of the school: printer, photocopier, etc

20 September: Presentation of 2 sequences in A5 format (spread is A4).


  1. Batia Suter, Surface series
  2. Dziga Vertov, The Man with the Movie Camera
  3. Hitchcock on three theories of film editing


Download images and brief here.