New Order part 2

Use one of the sequences you made and select a text (it can be a poem, a short story, part of a larger text, a news item, the copy of one advertisement, lyrics etc). Your sequence and text will be presented in a publication format.

Text and image will interact. How can they interact? How do they influence each other?

Include a colophon or postface in the end of your publication.

Explain your concept for the narrative and its presentation.

Your publication must be portrait (vertical) oriented and can have the following formats:

10 × 17 cm
A5 (14,8 × 21 cm) or
A4 (21 × 29,7 cm)

Things to keep in mind: the materials you are going to use to produce the publication; the typeface you are going to use for the text, the tone of a typeface can influence the message in the text; the way the images are juxtaposed will have an impact on the sequence.

Possibilities and restrictions

  • Your publication must be portrait oriented;
  • You can have one image per page or per spread only (and combinations of the two);
  • Image and text can not overlap;
  • You will use inDesign for laying out the book and setting the text;
  • Think about production: would you like to use the risograph, the photocopier, or a (home) printer to produce your final object.


20 September
Selection of your narrative and start looking for a the text.(quick inDesign introduction)

27 September & 11 October
Proposal of sequence in its format. We will discuss the way the sequence is displayed, material and typeface choices, reproduction and binding options.

1 November
Final presentation of selected selection in the publication format.


  • Designing books: practice and theory, Jost Hochuli & Robin Kinross, London: Hyphen Press, 1996
  • The Form of the Book Book, ed. Fraser Muggeridge & Sara De Bondt, London: Occasional Papers, 2012


Download the brief here.

A selection of publications