2020-06-01 Voor een nieuwe samenleving

Voor een nieuwe samenleving
Open for a new society

2016-10-19 Counter-Positions


2014-09-15 Open Work

Open Work

2014-04-23 All the colours

All the colours

2014-01-18 Marble End Papers

Marble End Papers

2013-12-15 DD on AK

DD on AK

2013-09-18 BBB Collection

BBB Collection
BBB Flitwick (working title) is the first in a series of bespoke headline faces for Esquire UK’s Big Black Book, in this case, issue 2.

2013-03-14 1+1+1=3 Volume II

1+1+1=3 Volume II
When we first designed 1+1+1=3 for Culturgest, we already knew it was going to be a series of exhibitions within a strict format, with an accompanying series of publications, also in a strict format.

2013-03-05 Ten for Octavo

Ten for Octavo
We’re happy about the launch of the ninth and tenth books in Octavo publicaties’ series.

2013-02-11 WTW, finished

WTW, finished
We’re proud to announce the first issue of Peter Biľak’s new Works That Work magazine.

2012-11-01 WTW

We’re working on the design of Works that Work, a new magazine of unexpected creativity, founded by Peter Biľak.

2012-04-17 14/1/1991 – 2/3/1991

14/1/1991 – 2/3/1991
José Loureiro. Two weeks of drawings.

2012-04-05 Trust your eyes

Trust your eyes
This week, we’re going crazy over image rendering on the “The New iPad”.

2012-02-20 Legibility

Today we launched the new website of curator and writer Maaike Lauwaert:

2012-02-18 M M


2012-01-19 The Summoning of all beings

The Summoning of all beings
Luisa Correia Pereira A Convocação de Todos os Seres

2011-11-04 What it is / How it functions?

What it is / How it functions?
At 113 × 175 mm, this catalog for Alexander Gutke is the smallest book we’ve made so far.

2011-10-10 A/W 11/12 COLOURS

Download the PDF or go to your book store.

2011-09-28 Skeleton Formes?

Skeleton Formes?

2011-09-05 Object Iteration

Object Iteration
Masthead for Mk. Magazine, based on François Rappo’s new Genath typeface.

2011-05-31 People & Time

People & Time

2010-12-07 A A A A A A A A

The Book of AA

2010-10-15 Last Exit

Last Exit
Getting samples of the printed sheets for a book is always an exhilarating and daunting moment at once.

2010-10-04 Dear Reader

Here it is.

2010-08-31 It’s almost done

It's almost done

2010-08-13 Carl Rollins

Carl Rollins
A video about our favourite edition of Thoreau’s Walden

2010-07-03 Summertime Fonts


2010-06-09 You know a conjurer gets no credit

You know a conjurer gets no credit
You know a conjurer gets no credit when once he has explained his trick; and if I show you too much of my method of working, you will come to the conclusion that I am a very ordinary individual after all. – The character Sherlock Holmes, in Arthur Conan Doyle, “A study in Scarlet”. London: Ward ...

2010-05-21 TMM


2010-05-19 Octavo Publicaties

Octavo Publicaties

2010-05-14 Seneca


2010-05-14 And


2010-03-01 Colours


2010-02-27 Dummies

While developing a book collection for Octavo publicaties, we gathered a ton of dummies.