1+1+1=3 vol. 1 & 2

1+1+1=3 is a series of exhibitions developed by Miguel Wandschneider: Three artists concurrent solo shows come together through a red thread that the (guest) curator weaves, yet are still distinct.

 The main concept for the book series was to show nominally preparation work, sketch books, or work specifically made or combined for each of three artists’ sections, which are divided by eight page signatures of blank space. These sections function like appendices to the exhibition.

This concept, originally developed with the curator of the first 1+1+1=3 show Trevor Smith in close collaboration with Carvalho Bernau, found its way back into both exhibitions in the series, where white rooms function as palate cleansers between courses, a space for reflection.

The books outward form reinforces the idea of seriality, like bound issues of a journal  with identical, reduced typography; the only things changing being the colour of the linen cloth and the embossed names of the artists on the front plate.

For Culturgest, Lisbon 2008 & 2011. 200/248 pp., 17×24 cm.