Jochen Lempert: Recent Field Work

The subject of interest of Lempert’s work – animal life – is complemented by his exploration of the properties and materiality of the photographic image, as revealed in its developing and printing processes. While seemingly serendipitous, Lempert nevertheless pursues a very clear goal and aesthetic. His is a very careful, subtle world.

The publication is very quiet: even the amount of different image sizes is minimal, so as not to disturb these silent narratives or to distract from the subtleties of the photographs. We took the role of the almost invisible designer, even if we were involved in the sequence, framing and juxtaposition of the photography. Format, paper and reproduction were crucial choices in Recent Field Work.

For Culturgest, Lisbon and Walther König, Cologne, 2009. 124 pp., 20×27.5 cm. Out of print.