You know a conjurer gets no credit (…)

The two volumes of Design systems for pocket book series hold an account of the process and results of the research project we initiated for the design of the Octavo publicaties main book collection.

The research deals with questions on seriality, and how “series within series” can emerge. It also focuses on the idea of a self-organising rhizomatic series, where each volume reacts to its surroundings. Other fields of research were the relationship between the book as object and its functionality, as well as the implications of materiality and modern production methods.

Self-initiated, The Hague, 2008.
116 pp., 13.5×21.5 cm and 52 pp., 21×29.7 cm.

The research was made possible with a subsidy from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB).