A bespoke typeface family for the US edition of Esquire.

In late 2010, we were were asked to design an all-purpose family of slab serif typefaces for the US edition of Esquire magazine. Creative director David Curcurito and art director Darhil Crooks had some interesting ideas about a chunky typeface with broad shoulders and assertive width. It should be used for heds, deks, ledes and all kind of other magazine-specific terms, but with a potential to work in body text as well.

Granger spans 5½ weights from Regular to Black. It is versatile enough to be used anywhere from 9 point to 900 point, and while it holds up really well on top of images, its clean finishing never competes with them.

Designed by Susana Carvalho and Kai Bernau, 2010 — 2011. Art direction with Christian Schwartz. Creative director at Esquire: David Curcurito; Art director at Esquire: Darhil Crooks. Exclusive to Esquire US. Not available for licensing.

In 2016, we released a version of this typeface as Algebra and Algebra Display, available from Commercial Type.