Jan Körbes: Wald

Wald is a gut reaction to our friend Jan Körbes’s soul-search in the woods in a Lithuanian winter.

Jan had spent some weeks in a tiny cottage in the woods in Lithuania during the winter of 2011 – 2012. We were stunned with the photographic material be brought back, and of course the themes (cottage in the woods, self-reliance) were somehow really interesting to us. We decided to make a publication with a small selection of the images, combined with some of the writing that Jan had done there. It takes the form of a newspaper, where the individual sheets can be rearranged, or loose sheets can be hung on the wall as large format photographs. This idea for improvisation and the simple production means reflect nicely Jan’s experience.

For Jan Körbes, The Hague, 2012. 16 pp., 30×37 cm