Guest, Ghost, Host: Machine!

What’s this ghost doing in my machine? A publication and event identity for Serpentine Galleries’ 2017 Marathon on trans humanist futurism. The base of the identity system is a cost-efficient but comprehensive publication in fluorescent orange and emerald green. A robotic monospace font simultaneously outputs hexadecimal unicode values and human-readable text, putting a face onto the man–machine communication. We asked Mario Santamaria to use some of his collection of images of Google Streetview robots catching glances of themselves in mirrors – they have this eerie pondering quality that worked so well in the book, especially in the spooky two-color separation. The identity elements were also translated to flyers, speaker screens and a flag

For Serpentine Galleries, 2017. Layout with Vera van de Seyp. 48pp., 10.5×29.7 cm.